Diebold Opteva 720 Custom ATM Graphic Wrap


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In a visually competitive environment our custom graphic, full color, precise contoured ATM panels with our SharkSkin Technology make it easy to stand out. The high strength, aggressive, permanent pressure sensitive adhesive, will stick to “hard to stick” surfaces in both indoor and outdoor applications. This unique process, exclusive to Diebold Decals, creates a stunning ATM skin that is both scratch-resistant and UV-protected, as well as easy to install. Even with no experience it only takes minutes to install our SharkSkin ATM wraps! See just how easy it is to uninstall and install.

Our FREE DESIGN service makes it easy to get branded, increase credibility and simply do more transactions.

ATM Wraps are available for other Diebold & Diebold Nixdorf ATMs including Opteva 500, Opteva 500e, Opteva 520, Opteva 522, Opteva 529Opteva 750, and 5500.

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Weight4 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 24 in

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