Best Products deploys new ATMs for NYU FCU

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This new fall semester brings many changes to New York University and New York University Federal Credit Union. New students, a few newly renovated buildings, and of course – new ATMs. NYU is no stranger to ATMs. The University has had several dozen for years. However, NYU was not receiving the level of service that they expected. From equipment malfunctions and constantly running out of cash, to complaints of high surcharges they decided it was time for a change.  They turned to Best, and we were quick to come up with a win – win solution for the University and the Credit Union.

Best Products ATM
Best Products deploys new Hyosung New York University FCU ATMs. Featuring SharkSkin wraps from

With over 17 years of experience in the ATM industry, Best Products came up with a custom turn key ATM placement program. Best Products deployed all new EMV compliant  Nautilus Hyosung Halo II ATM terminals. With our turn key placement program, Best Products provides the ATM equipment, the communication, and cash management. Best Products provides ATM transaction processing services and BIN blocks NYU FCU cards to provide surcharge free access for members. Not a member? Not a problem! The ATMs charge a low $1.00 surcharge. Yes you read that correctly; only one dollar! And you thought there were no bargains left in NYC. What a deal!

“We started using Best Products with our branch ATMs a year ago. Their service is excellent. It was an easy decision to make to use them for our off premise machines. I would recommend them to anyone.”
Mira Ness, CEO – New York University FCU
Best Products deploys New York University FCU ATMs at key spots around the University.
Best Products deploys New York University FCU ATMs at key spots around the University.

ATM Branding = Cost Effective Targeted Marketing Tool

NYU FCU Branding consists of custom wraps by and custom on screen advertising designed by Best Products. While there are thousands of different ways to market potential financial services, ATM wraps and screen advertising precisely targets the consumer when and where they need financial services. By branding, the ATM now shouts Financial Institution credibility, promotes brand awareness, and exposes existing and potential members to the NYU Credit Union brand each day.

NYU ATM’s are spread throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Specific locations include dorms, cafeterias, and the lobby’s of lecture halls. Want to check these great looking ATMs out for yourself? Unless you’re a student or a NYU employee, you probably won’t run into them. Most of these locations have 24/7 security and require a student or employee ID to access them. However, check out some of the pictures below to see a handful of installations.

To learn more about how Best Products can partner with you – click here to contact us or call 877-663-6128 today! To learn about custom marketing wraps- visit

Best Products NYUFCU Branded ATM on campus.
Best Products NYUFCU Branded ATM on campus.


Using Mini ATM Replicas to gain a HUGE sales advantage

We all look for advantages in sales, and showing a potential client what their ATM could look like with a mini replica ATM and a mini SharkSkin wrap could be just what you need to differentiate yourself from the competition and land the deal.

Mini ATM Replica shown with mini SharkSkin Wrap from
Mini ATM Replica shown with mini SharkSkin Wrap from
Bank and Credit Union Mini ATMs with SharkSkin Wraps
Bank and Credit Union Mini ATMs with SharkSkin Wraps

1) People Are Visual

Clients love to see what you are offering rather than an abstract description.  With a mini ATM replica model with, a customized SharkSkin wrap, the client can hold it and visualize exactly how the ATM will look at the proposed site.  It’s also a great leave behind gift.

Anderson Federal Credit union Mini ATM shown with SharkSkin Wrap
Anderson Federal Credit Union Mini ATM Shown with SharkSkin Wrap

2) Great Sales Tool

What is the greatest asset for your clients?  Hmm- trick question? No.  It’s their logo or their brand. Just by adding SharkSkin wraps with their logo and styling to the mini ATM changes your offering.   Now you are not only selling them an ATM but you are selling them their most valued asset- their brand!

The Palmetto Bank Mini ATM shown with SharkSkin Wrap
The Palmetto Bank Mini ATM Shown with SharkSkin Wrap

3) The Process

Contact us online at and we will create a design that reflects their styling, and, of course, their logo.  Once you approve the design we will print the mini SharkSkin wraps and send you both wraps and the ATM replica.

The Peoples Bank Mini ATM shown with SharkSkin Wrap
The Peoples Bank Mini ATM Shown with SharkSkin Wrap

This is not only a great sales tool but also a very nice leave behind gift or a trade show give-away your clients are sure to display in their office – providing a constant reminder of your company.  The Mini  ATMs are also piggy banks with a slot on top and coin access on the bottom.

The Mini Replicas are not shown on our site-  Please contact us at or call 1-800-503-0314 for more details.




Wrap Marketing – What you should know!


Wrap Marketing describes the marketing practice of covering or wrapping an ATM, Kiosk, Vending Machine or any other Self-Serve Device for marketing and advertising.  The result is a process that is essentially a billboard.  Wrap Advertising or Marketing historically was achieved by painting your device or using vinyl decals to cover you device using varying marketing designs.  This process historically has been complicated and underutilized because of expense and other challenges.

Our tough and durable SharkSkin™ material coupled with our template based designs, specific to your make and model device, makes branding your device easy and cost effective.

Here is a client that understands how to use their ATMs as billboards.  Each time their marketing message changes they change their wraps just like the do with their billboard campaign.   This is the same ATM shown at different times with different wraps representing current marketing campaigns.

The Peoples Bank "60 years" Theme
The Peoples Bank “60 years” Theme
The Peoples Bank "Healthy Kids" Campaign
The Peoples Bank “Healthy Kids” Campaign
The Peoples Bank "The Campaign" Design
The Peoples Bank “The Campaign” Design
The Peoples Bank "Midnight Flight" Campaign
The Peoples Bank “Midnight Flight” Campaign
The Peoples Bank "Integrity" Campaign
The Peoples Bank “Integrity” Campaign


With most lobby style ATMs pricing starting at $199.00 it makes perfect sense to change your wrap as your marketing campaigns change.

Top 3 reasons SharkSkin™ wraps are a great decision!

1- Easy to Apply.  So easy, anyone can apply in minutes.

2- Removes in complete segments without leaving adhesive residue.  Making re-branding a breeze!

3- By far the most cost effective branding method for ATMs (indoor and outdoor), kiosk, vending machines, self-serve devices or any device we can create a template.

Not sure about your design. No problem, our graphic artist will create a design that’s perfect for your company.  And there is never a charge for design when purchasing wraps.  Lead times are typically one week from design approval.  Quantity discounts are available.

What Can We Learn from Coca-Cola and Pepsi When it Comes to ATM Deployments?

Understanding Product Branding

Coca-Cola®, Pepsi® and aLayout 1
myriad of other products
understand the power of
branding and eye-catching
graphics; especially in visually
competitive environments like
convenience stores.

Walk into any convenience
store and notice all the colors
and designs associated with
drink coolers and product

They understand a very
simple principle of marketing
— get seen or get lost.

Lost in a Sea of Color & Design

Branding is a concept ATMLayout 1
deployers are just beginning
to understand.

The typical ATM deployment
usually consists of the ATM
straight out of the box, with
maybe a 4” x 4” decal for sales
and service, compliance and
network logos.

The ATM is dull, usually gray
and blends in nicely like a
chameleon on a leaf.
Simply stated, it disappears in
a sea of color and design.

Stand Out and Get Seen

Stand out in visually competitive environment with our custom graphic, full color, precise contoured ATM panels with Shark-Skin Technology . High strength, aggressive, permanent pressure sensitive adhesive, will stick to "hard to stick" surfaces.
Stand out in visually competitive environment with our custom graphic, full color, precise contoured ATM panels with Shark-Skin Technology . High strength, aggressive, permanent pressure sensitive adhesive, will stick to “hard to stick” surfaces.

With attention grabbing wraps your
ATM will stand out and get seen.

An effective graphics package
will address the element of
credibility — like clearly stating
who to contact with any questions
about a transaction, the sponsor
bank, networks like VISA and
MasterCard, and other national
and regional networks.

One thing is for certain; from a
credibility perspective, the ATM
is the most image sensitive
device in a retail environment. If
consumers trust it, they will use it.

Professionally designed wraps
that address credibility will
increase transactions.


Unlimited Branding Possibilities

Credit Union Branded Hyosung 2700- Design and SharkSkin Wrap from
Credit Union Branded Hyosung 2700- Design and SharkSkin Wrap from

ATM branding possibilities,
styles and themes are virtually

But typically ATM wraps fall
into one of three categories.

1. Retail-focused
2. ISO-focused
3. Financial institution-focused

All are a good way to increase
visibility and credibility.

However data indicates using
a bank or credit union branding
partner results in the biggest
surge in transaction volume.

ATM Branding: A Proven Winner

Attention grabbing graphics will
make your ATM stand out in the
jungle of color.

Get seen, get used
and increase your profit
with custom graphics.

gb logo 300x121For Pepsi and Coke the
answer is clear — branding
is a proven winner!

Coke, Pepsi Paper, GB Branded

Cool Kiosk design for LAFCU

After completing a SharkSkin wrap project for LAFCU’s  NCR 32 ATMs and NCR 38 ATMs, LAFCU ask us to design a template for their lobby kiosk.  We took the exact same design and created a template for their IPAD lobby kiosk.

The Kiosk SharkSkin wrap looks great and it was just as easy as the ATM wraps to install.  Thanks GetBranded for making the entire process easy.  

Alysa Sliger- LAFCU Marketing and Communications Specialist

From design to the finished product we take a potentially complicated process, make it simple and cost effective.

NCR 38 ATM LAFCU Sharkskin wrap GetBranded
NCR 38 ATM branded with LAFCU Sharkskin wrap designed and produced by
Kiosk Wrap SharkSkin Get Branded LAFCU kiosk
LAFCU Kiosk with SharkSkin Wrap designed and created by

Hyosung HALO ATM and TPI Security Sleeve Branding Integration

Chris Collins with Commercial Bank of Texas ask us to integrate our SharkSkin branding with a Hyosung HALO ATM in a TPI Security Sleeve.  The challenge was to make the design flow from one device to the other.  The results turned out great.

The branding package includes GetBranded designed Commercial Bank of Texas SharkSkin Wrap for the TPI Security Sleeve and the exposed portion of the HALO ATM, custom transaction screens and topper insert.

“Love the SharkSkin Wrap material.  Super Easy to install and it looks great!”  Chris Collins- Commercial Bank of Texas. 

Commercial Bank of Texas, ATM Wrap, Getbranded, Sharkskin
Commercial Bank of Texas Hyosung HALO ATM in TPI Security Sleeve

SharkSkin Branded NCR Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) drive efficiency and cost-savings

Here’s a great article from ATM Marketplace featuring SharkSkin United Bank Branded NCR ITMs.

Are ITMs the wave of the future? Most say absolutely!’s SharkSkin wrap material revolutionizes ATM and Kiosk branding just like ITMs will revolutionize the way we Bank.

See Full Article Here-

NCR ITM United Bank SharkSkin Wrap Get Branded
NCR ITM United Bank SharkSkin Wraps

Branded ATM’s produce stunning results for Harbor Community Bank

Thanks Get Branded!

What a difference your SharkSkin Wraps make in the presentation of our Harbor Community Bank ATM.  The wrap looks stunning!

Walter Peterson

ATMs Unlimited Corp. – Branded ATMs

Before- Harbor Community Bank  Hyosung 2700 ATM branding with SharkSkin wrap from
Before- Harbor Community Bank Branded Hyosung 2700 ATM
Harbor Community Bank ATM
After- Harbor Community Bank Branded Hyosung 2700 ATM