Wrap Marketing – What you should know!


Wrap Marketing describes the marketing practice of covering or wrapping an ATM, Kiosk, Vending Machine or any other Self-Serve Device for marketing and advertising.  The result is a process that is essentially a billboard.  Wrap Advertising or Marketing historically was achieved by painting your device or using vinyl decals to cover you device using varying marketing designs.  This process historically has been complicated and underutilized because of expense and other challenges.

Our tough and durable SharkSkin™ material coupled with our template based designs, specific to your make and model device, makes branding your device easy and cost effective.

Here is a client that understands how to use their ATMs as billboards.  Each time their marketing message changes they change their wraps just like the do with their billboard campaign.   This is the same ATM shown at different times with different wraps representing current marketing campaigns.

The Peoples Bank "60 years" Theme
The Peoples Bank “60 years” Theme
The Peoples Bank "Healthy Kids" Campaign
The Peoples Bank “Healthy Kids” Campaign
The Peoples Bank "The Campaign" Design
The Peoples Bank “The Campaign” Design
The Peoples Bank "Midnight Flight" Campaign
The Peoples Bank “Midnight Flight” Campaign
The Peoples Bank "Integrity" Campaign
The Peoples Bank “Integrity” Campaign


With most lobby style ATMs pricing starting at $199.00 it makes perfect sense to change your wrap as your marketing campaigns change.

Top 3 reasons SharkSkin™ wraps are a great decision!

1- Easy to Apply.  So easy, anyone can apply in minutes.

2- Removes in complete segments without leaving adhesive residue.  Making re-branding a breeze!

3- By far the most cost effective branding method for ATMs (indoor and outdoor), kiosk, vending machines, self-serve devices or any device we can create a template.

Not sure about your design. No problem, our graphic artist will create a design that’s perfect for your company.  And there is never a charge for design when purchasing wraps.  Lead times are typically one week from design approval.  Quantity discounts are available.