GetBranded announces NEW SharkSkin Advanced Branding Wraps

SharkSkin Advance


At we are constantly seeking to perfect our products and product formulations.  Our Advanced SharkSkin Branding Wraps are thicker and grittier than before and improves on several key features.

Easier To Install

Our SharkSkin wraps have always been engineered to be easy to install, our advanced material is thicker and more textured than before allowing quicker and easier installs.  Vinyl wrapping techniques and painting options are obsolete compared to Advanced SharkSkin Branding Wrap Material.

It’s so easy to install anyone can do it- No need to spend the additional money for installation.

SharkSkin wrap, Hyosung 2700 ATM branded, ATM Branding
SharkSkin Wrap shown on a Hyosung 2700 ATM

Tougher and more Durable

We understand your brand and image is important to you.  Our SharkSkin material will keep your logo and branding looking great.  The improved texture and thickness  improves on the toughness of the material.  Advanced SharkSkin is very difficult to scratch, scuff or damage.  It resists picks and peels and it stands up to the toughest solvents and conditions.

Our SharkSkin Wrap material requires no maintenance once installed.  Tradition wrap and painting methods damage easily and requires expensive touch-ups often.


Just as Economical as Before

Our formulation has improved and our price is the same.  Don’t waste your time and money on traditional vinyl wraps or painting techniques.  Our Proven Template Based SharkSkin branding wraps are far superior to anything on the market today.

Try it Once and your perception of ATM, Kiosk and Vending Units branding will be changed forever!


ATM Wrap, Kiosk Wrap, ATM Branding, Kiosk Branding, SharkSkin Wrap
SharkSkin Advanced Wrap Branding