Hyosung HALO ATM and TPI Security Sleeve Branding Integration

Chris Collins with Commercial Bank of Texas ask us to integrate our SharkSkin branding with a Hyosung HALO ATM in a TPI Security Sleeve.  The challenge was to make the design flow from one device to the other.  The results turned out great.

The branding package includes GetBranded designed Commercial Bank of Texas SharkSkin Wrap for the TPI Security Sleeve and the exposed portion of the HALO ATM, custom transaction screens and topper insert.

“Love the SharkSkin Wrap material.  Super Easy to install and it looks great!”  Chris Collins- Commercial Bank of Texas. 

Commercial Bank of Texas, ATM Wrap, Getbranded, Sharkskin
Commercial Bank of Texas Hyosung HALO ATM in TPI Security Sleeve